About us

What is Pop Doge?

•A large portion of the tax on each transaction feeds Pop’s wallet to buy back each dip and burn the purchased tokens forever

Shoot for the Stars
• Taxes are converted to BNB in small portions periodically, allowing Pop to buy more tokens at the dips and burn like crazy.

Aim For The Moon

• Every artist should have a chance at the spotlight! PopDoge will be raffling off Music Collabs, Studio Time, Bling, and Celebrity Meet & Greets to a lucky holder each month! And they will keep getting better

We're atm creating a platform for all artists to give them all a voice, where people can subscribe to the platform and award the artists they like the most. At the end of each month, the 10 best rewarded artists will get on to a festival through our connections globally. The rewards will be bought either in PopDoge or in Cash.

PopDoge Mobile Game is in development as well, where users can earn tokens through achievements, that will be paid for with ad revenue. A completely self-functioning and profitable gaming platform that pays users in our coin, while simultaneously buying tokens to continue raising the price of the token.

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Token Name: PopDoge
Token Ticker: $WOO
Token Standard: BSC
Max. Supply: 1 Quadrillion
Burn To Date 30%
Total Tax 15%
Marketing Fee 4%
Buy back 6%
Redistribution fee 3%
LP Tax 3%


Visit our whitepapers and view our tokenomics and read about our project here

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PopDoge Roadmap

Our roadmap to success

2021 Q3
Launch of token

Stealth Launch of PopDoge
Website & Roadmap Launch
All Social Medias go Live
partnerships with event management and artists
Whitepaper released
Start of Massive marketing
Listing on CoinGecko
Listing on Coinmarketcap
Apply for Audit

2021 Q4
Sponsors and growth

Multi platform paid marketing campaign
Whitebit and BitMart Exchange Listings
Start Frequent Giveaways
Website Upgrades
Mobile Game with Token Rewards
Finalize and expand Major artists and producers

2022 Q1

Develop partnerships with additional artists
Expansion of our team
Community vote for new initiatives
More to be announced!

2022 Q1

We have a lot more to come so stay tuned!